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Amelia Hard & Allison Bader


In Good Taste Cooking School: Amelia Hard and Allison Bader


Allison Bader and Amelia Hard have been cooking and teaching together for almost ten years, drawing on their backgrounds in catering and restaurants to share a full range of culinary skills in their classes.  They are also known for their expertise in matching food and wine.


Allison, who is trained in classic French culinary techniques, co-founded and ran the kitchen at Bostonís award-winning A Mano Catering; in addition to her formidable skills as a chef, she loves sharing tips on how to prep ahead when entertaining, so that you can enjoy your dinner as much as your guests do.  Amelia learned to cook from her Italian mother, then honed her expertise in Italian cuisine as chef/owner of Portlandís beloved Genoa Restaurant for eleven years; as a teacher, her greatest pleasure is to share her passion for searching out the best ingredients and then preparing them with a minimum of fuss.

Both Allison and Amelia believe that cooking is not a mysterious skill available only to professionals Ė itís a lifelong source of creativity, fun, and satisfaction open to anyone who loves to eat.



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